The De La Rosa Story


Doña Rosa came to the US in 1980 as an in-house nanny/housekeeper.

Less than 10 YEARS LATER

Doña Rosa settled down and lived in Phoenix. She continued to clean Valley Homes and started to build a name for herself.


While working part-time out of an apartment complex, Doña Rosa started building her business using word-of-mouth recommendations, handwritten business cards, and friends looking for work.


After beginning to work with commercial clients, Doña Rosa Officially started De La Rosa Commercial cleaning in 2005.


De La Rosa
Commercial Cleaning, LLC.

De La Rosa Commercial Cleaning now provides the best and most reliable cleaning service to OVER 500 Clients across the Greater Phoenix Area, and continues to grow.

The De La Rosa Family

From a simple one-woman operation, De La Rosa Commercial Cleaning, LLC has grown to a family of many employees with each team member holding the same work ethic and standards of quality cleaning as their Matriarch. The family works in teams of four that divide the work to make sure that your house is cleaned properly and quickly with the highest possible level of customer service. We have team members who have been with Doña Rosa from the day she started the company, and we have those who only clean part-time, but everyone has earned their blue shirts because they share Doña Rosa’s work ethic and dedication to customer care. Doña Rosa herself continues to lead by example getting out in the field six-days a week just as she’s done from the very beginning.

We are always looking
to grow our family!

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